Management Consulting

"There comes a time in the growth of every business when you need help, someone with extensive experience to come in from the outside with new ideas and insights to help your business succeed."

The Need
Companies today are facing change and challenges never before experienced. Seventy percent of managers have never operated in an economic downturn. Markets have shrunk, competition has increased and the strategies of the 1990's no longer get results.

The Solution
Every Company today needs to develop a strategy that enables them to survive and thrive in a changed economy. The companies that do not adapt, adjust and respond effectively will go out of business.

The benefits of strategic planning can be enormous

  • Clarify the long-term vision of the organization
  • Revisit and determine the Mission Statement for the company
  • Set clear goals and priorities for each person and each department
  • Re-evaluate and discontinue activities that are no longer consistent with the mission
  • Identify the driving force of the organization
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule to all activities and expenditures
  • Determine the scope of markets, activities, products and services for the future
  • Determine the organizations area of specialization
  • Decide how and where the company is superior to its competitors
  • Determine exactly "who" the customer is
  • Decide what the customer really considers value
  • Set priorities on the expenditure and use of resources, especially people and money
  • Segment the market and identify the most important customer groups
  • Determine what it is we do, or can do, extremely well
  • Concentrate single mindedly on exploiting and developing our best products and services
  • Focus on satisfying our key customer segments
  • Anticipate the future and create possible scenarios to guide long term planning
  • Identify our core competencies we will need to dominate the markets of tomorrow
  • Develop plans for continued growth and increased profitability

The Result
You identify your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. You learn how to position yourself for maximum results in a fast-changing economy. You emerge with a clear picture of who you are, your areas of excellence, your major opportunities, and a complete strategy for the years ahead.

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