"I've known Jim Wendling for several decades. He is a master of both psychology and personal development. He understands people. He works with the highest levels of corporate decision-makers and helps guide his clients through some of the toughest corporate decisions they've ever faced. He works with team leaders getting everyone on the same page. He helps develop corporate strategic planning so that the company is always moving itself forward -- growing and improving. His keen intellect and knowledge of how people work the most effectively, how they are best managed, and how they can be best equipped to reach greater heights, is quite amazing. Like myself, Jim has a close relationship with his maker. Although it's not often talked about in the workplace, Jim's love for the Lord is strong. He always looks toward working with people who have similar values, integriry, honorability and respect for how and why we're even on this great planet."
Winnie Comstock-Carlson, Editor and Owner, Comstock's Magazine
"There are plenty of consutlants and Corporate Psychologist a company can work with. I feel fortunate that our company chose Dr. Jim Wendling. We have now worked with him for more than seven years. We use him in our valuation of key new hires.....not just management. Our top twenty managers and executives have monthly hour long one on one meeting with him. In these meetings Dr. Wendling challenges them to constantly improve both personally and professionally. He guides and challanges each of us to reach our annual goals and objectives. But what has impressed me the most is the work Dr. Wendling has performed during some of our difficult corporate situations. This typically involves Human Rescouce problems. I can tell you he has gone above and beyond my expectations. He's helped us control potentially disaterous situations that I will always be greatful for. Dr. Wendlig has made both me a better leader and our company a better place to work. I am proud to recommend Dr. Jim Wendling to you and your company."
Robert Lake, President and CEO, Mesa Energy Systems/EMCOR
"Jim Wendling fearlessly explores the weaknesses, strengths and impacts that conceptual visions created by a CEO thinking out of the box will have on his employees. These dynamic sessions refine the vision by which every CEO keeps his company moving forward in ever changing marketplaces. Boards of Directors are impressed, employees are motivated and the CEO keeps his job; a win for everyone!"
Richard Monro, Owner, DDL Associates LLC
"Over the years I have known Jim; I have found him to be uncommonly wise and insightful. Jim has helped me personally, and been a great help to my colleagues and clients. Because of his gift for cutting through the BS and recognizing core problems and key opportunities, his value is priceless. Jim's genius is a great benefit to those who are ready and wise enough to let him be of service."
Bruce Wright, Owner, The Wright Company, Macro Strategic Design, Inc. and managing partner, Balanced Success International
"As an executive coach to senior executives in Fortune 100 companies, I have found James Wendling to be an invaluable resource. The broad range of tools and expert consulting provided by James enables me to understand and assess my clients in ways that increase my effectiveness as a coach many times over."
Diane Tracy, Owner, Tracy Communications
"Jim has helped me personally develop as an executive. We have together worked on a succession plan for our company and he has helped develop many of our middle management and future executives. Additionally, our senior management relies on Jim to get our message out to the troops in a manner that promotes growth and cooperation within the organization."
Charles Fletcher, Executive VP at EMCOR Service/Mesa Energy Systems, Inc
"I strongly endorse Jim Wendling! Jim can assist anyone in attaining clarity of focus in their personal and/or professional lives based on their individual values, beliefs, expectations, attitudes and behaviors."
Lew Potter, Life Specialist & Registered Principal, Farmer's Insurance Group
"At the time, Jim was engaged by my firm, a start-up, non-depository trust company. Jim is a client-centered business consultant who directly interacted with our leadership team and managers. He is a person in whom you can place a great deal of trust and is highly regarded for his integrity and outputs. His experience spans all size companies and industries. I unequivocally endorse Jim and his firm."
Robert Eaddy, Senior Vice President at Bank of America
"Jim is a good friend and colleague in the advisory business. Each of us needs coaching from time to time, and I have found Jim to be candid and a trusted source of feedback. I have used his insights and principles to grow my practice and feel confident about my chosen direction. I would recommend him for any executive or corporate challenge, as a facilitator for new direction and innovation."
John Kelly, Investment Advisor, MassMutual

"Dr. James Wendling, at times during the past ten years, has been a professional advisor that I have called on for direction and support in many matters involving my professional career and personal development. Mr. Wendling has always been accessible and willing to provide a view point that proved to be of immeasurable value and aid to me in my continuing professional development and achievements."
John Attila, President, Komfort Corp.
"I very highly recommend Jim. His positive attitude, guidance, support and focus on what is truly important is incredible. He has phenomenal insight into the balance of the needs of a company as well as the individual. He is attentive, caring and insists on achieving success from the smallest need to the biggest challenge. He has been and always will be an important positive force in my life."
Deborah Harris, Owner, D. Harris Associates, Inc
"Jim has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Our staff and management team is better focused, responsible and accountable as a result of Jim's assistance. It didn't happen overnight but our company culture is well balanced between our personal and business lives."
Ray Goodson, CEO, the Landmark Image
"Jim has performed for me over the years and has a proven track record of commitment and follows thru. Jim provides worthwhile information in a business world where we are saturated with more than we can ingest. I would highly recommend Jim's services to any leader interested in slowing down long enough to truly understand his team members to better perform in our competitive society."
Kip Bagley, Director of Service at Mesa Energy Systems, EMCOR Company
"Jim has been very helpful in reviewing some of the personnel profiles that I have had completed for employee prospects. He is thoughtful and knowledgeable about the use of the DISC approach to gaining an understanding of how to communicate with and work with others. I recommend him to others for this type of support."
Ron Diegelman, Founder and Chief Financial Officer at Consumer Health Technologies
"Jim Wendling has made a tremendous difference in my life over the last five years. Always willing to listen, and remind me of whom I really am, my talents, my gifts, my values. His constant commitment to me having a life with everything I desire is the reason I have that life today. I am excited about bringing Jim's work and wisdom to my family wealth consulting practice."
Liz Donaghy, Realtor/Gardening Coach
"I have been involved with Jim Wendling since August 2004. He provides a valuable insight to evaluation of team and individual strengths and weaknesses. The information presents relationships in a multi-dimensional fashion relative to personal and job traits. This allows a team to move forward together to meet and exceed business goals."
Kathleen Pearson, IT and Business Process Management
"Jim's assessment process has helped me to gain a greater understanding of how I interact with others. By having a better understanding of myself, I increase my effectiveness with those in my life."
Lois Cole, Owner, Wealth Architects, LLC
"The Wendling Group's knowledge of DISC testing is invaluable to our organization. Since starting to use it several years ago, it has helped us screen candidates better, and when we do hire someone it helps us place them in a work environment they are most likely to be successful in."
Melanie Freshour, Vice President at Armstrong, Fleming & Moore, Inc.
"I have never met someone so insightful of personal behaviors. His wisdom to mentor others is remarkable, empowering them so they are not dependant upon him yet teaching his clients how to better understand themselves and why people do what they do based upon each persons individual set of values. The results are amazing. What more can I say? He is the best!"
Pamela Goodson, Owner, the Landmark Image
"I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your talents and the care that you consistently exhibit both personally to me as a wise, trusted guide and advisor, and via the internet with your Positive Moment from The Wendling Group. I do truly look forward to each and every publication. Never had I imagined the mental impact of your philosophic design in one's daily life… The imagery you provide through the thoughts you convey is concise, informative, and has aided me in helping the people around me in achieving creative balance sought in our business and personal lives. Thank you for taking the time to be exceptional."
John Felts, Director of Construction at Phoenix Realty Group LLC, Western Region
"I have known Jim Wendling and utilized his services for almost twenty years. We have employed his consulting services to aid in the identification of prospective NETWORK associates and staff personnel using the style analysis software. I consider Jim a well informed financial services resource and value his personal friendship, wise counsel, and consummate professionalism."
Jim Herrington, President and CEO at THE Financial Services NETWORK
"Jim did superlative work for me at Capital Trust. I have used his services during the past 13 years and he has always been professional and added great value. CEOs and senior executives will benefit from his knowledge of human interactions and motivations."
Jeffrey Lauterbach, Financial Services Consultant, wealth advisor, trust expert
"Dr. Jim is a very efficient and committed provider. He continues to provide our company with invaluable service. I would strongly recommend him and his organization. He always has and continues to go beyond the call of duty."
Wendy Carrington, Director of Training at TSTT
"Jim Wendling and The Wendling Group provide a valuable service for helping to identify the right candidate for the job. Jim is an extremely helpful consultant with valuable insight on many business problems."
Rick Pedersen, Director, Distribution at Air Liquide
"We have used Jim on several occasions over the past few years and his guidance and teachings have always been an improvement in our organization. We once had an employee that we had almost given up on but felt they had so much value we hated to lose it. With Jim's help and guidance and a really hard day of work, we not only salvaged this employee but is now one of our top officers."
Judy Henrich, President at Investor Services and Owner, Preferred Partnership Services
"No matter what your plans and goals are, growth and success requires that we travel through forest after forest of adversity. Sometimes the forest is real with real obstacles to overcome, and other times the forest is self made and exists within our own psyche. Mr. Wendling has been at my side every step of the way in my journey, and has helped immensely in my personal and professional growth."
William Massarweh, Owner, the Law Offices of William A. Massarweh
"Jim's work with my former partner and me helped us to prepare for the inevitable dissolution of the partnership. His insight into why we had problems helped us to get beyond the anger to be able to work cooperatively through the dissolution."
Cynthia Conger, Owner, Cynthia L. Conger, CPA, PA
"As President and CEO of a wealth management firm, we believe that our associates are among our greatest assets. Over the past ten years, Jim's expertise and insight have been extremely valuable in helping us identify quality associates that are a good complement to our existing team and an appropriate fit for our firm."
Michael Feldman, President and CEO at CMS Wealth Management
"Excellent motivation techniques, I recommend highly."
Dina Maneval, Accountant, Lansing Board of Water & Light
"Dr. Wendling never asked to be called Dr. Jim is down to earth and he takes a personal interest in working with each individual in our organization. Dr Wendling is providing me with both profession as well as personal growth in managing relationships."
Jim Barker, President at Hillcrest Heating & Air Conditioning EMCOR Service/Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.
"Dr. Wendling has helped me obtain a focus and vision for my personal and professional career. He has provided me with a framework in which to make decisions and to provide me guidance on working within that framework."
Chris Klinke, Mountaineer
"I find Jim to be very comfortable to work with. He is open, honest; with high integrity and most importantly helps set the vision and hold us accountable to attain that vision. He has provided insight on my behaviors that on several occasions has altered the direction I would have taken otherwise. I believe it is wise to have a neutral third party observer provide insight on the inner workings of the management team."
Butch Pederson, V.P. of Finance and Admin at Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.
"Dr. Jim Wendling is an expert at understanding the talent required to sell intangibles."
Bill Bonnstetter, Chairman of the Board, TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.
"Jim has the background; creativity and expertise to tailor make each program for each company he teams with. Simply stated; he enables positive change."
Paul Fieberg, Independent Investment Management Professional
"I have known Jim for 10+ years as a Value Added Associate of TTI Performance Systems. I always enjoy talking to Jim on the phone and at our conferences as his questions and ideas are interesting and insightful. I also enjoy his newsletter. I look forward to future interactions with Jim."
Rick Bowers, Director of International Marketing, TTI Performance Systems
"Jim's ability is to access and draw out the best in people, have them recognize their own strengths, values, self-worth and experience to accomplish individual challenges. He's a good soul and a blessing to those who recognize a true giver."
Philip Purpura, President of Cornerstone Planning, Inc. Melville, New York
"In the world of Business Coaching and Consulting there are two types of professionals, those that make a difference and those that try. Jim Wendling makes a difference! I've known Jim since 1996 and he is one of a very small and select group of people that I trust enough to refer my clients to. His ability to clearly see and communicate what needs to be done is worth far more than any fee Jim as ever charged. In my book, Jim is one of the Best of the Best!"
Michael Carrigan, Founder, Mastering the Art of Enrollment
"Jim provided excellent business training to our organization covering all critical fields in Sales, Project Management and Personal Time Management. As a personal coach he was able to identify key improvement areas which each individual in the organization could use to enable our organization to work better as a team. He was also a great guy to work with!"
John Goldring, Managing Director at RJM International
"Dr. Wendling's professionalism and expertise in organizations has improved morale among our employees, as well as how top management communicates and interacts with one another. Our company has more direction and a better idea how we'll achieve our goals. We continue to work with Jim Wendling to improve ourselves, and see results not just in our bottom line, but in the overall reduction of stress especially, among top tier management. Jim Wendling's genuine interest in our company has been demonstrated by his willing to listen to everyone and find ways to achieve a team approach to accomplish not just the company's goals, but the life goals of individuals, and some have even admitted their personal lives have benefited."
Jamie Elverum, Regional Sales Development Manager at Airco Commercial Services, Inc.
"Dr. Wendling has been and will continue to be a great asset in my life. As a first-time manager struggling in my new position, I needed assistance. Dr. Wendling clearly illustrated who I am, how others see me, and how to manage these differences so that a congruency could be achieved in the workplace. I cannot emphasize enough his integrity and motivational effect. I have enjoyed every opportunity I have had to interact with him."
Michael Foster, Service Mechanic at Air Systems, Inc.
"Dr. Wendling is a keen observer of organizational and personal behavior. He makes effective use of his academic and experience-based training to change lives and their associated enterprises for the better. I have seen him at work and visited with his clients. Wendling's work produces measurable results. Added 3/18/09 based on additional contact with Dr. Jim: Dr. Jim Wendling is both caring and effective in his life's work as a consultant to management. His abilities are honed by an outstanding academic background coupled with a genuine personal concern for the individuals with whom he works. Jim has developed a consulting style that is equally effective with large organizations or small. I have witnessed the remarkably beneficial effects of his work in crisis intervention or during business-building and business-sustaining periods. As evidence of his dedication to his chosen profession, Jim publishes "a Positive Moment" weekly newsletter which is widely distributed, without charge. This newsletter alone has provided "turning points" to numerous readers for many years now."
Tom Cooley, Management Consultant/Coach, Startop Solutions
"Jim is an enthusiastic & knowledgeable leadership consultant dedicated to helping his clients reach their personal & professional potential. He offers a broad array of assessment tools with supportive consultative training & mentoring. I retained Jim to provide these services for a group of 150 of my associates; he was very well received by all. He has become a trusted colleague & friend."
Marc Andonian, Vice President, Executive Partner at Gartner
"We find the information and Jim's insight into the DISC program very valuable for team building and to foster understanding of individuals' strengths."
Charlie Butts Jr., Owner, Indoor Environmental Services
"Jim facilitated our retreat in 2007 and we were very pleased with his plan and the execution. The follow up and reports were excellent with the right combination of detail and understandability. We still refer to them today. We benefitted greatly from the experience and would recommend him without hesitation."
Stephan Cassaday, Owner, Cassaday & Company, Inc.
"Jim spends time at every level of the organization and truly understands managements needs and provides unabashed solutions. I highly recommend Jim for your business consulting needs."
Tim Fetters, Chemicals Professional
"Jim is an excellent provider of all services related to DISC Assessments. He has trained me to use these assessments well in my work."
Thayer Cheatham Willis, Wealth Counselor & Professional Speaker
"Dr. Jim has helped me and Mesa's management to work closely together and maintain the culture that we want. His experience and knowledge of business and people have contributed to Mesa's success. I personally look forward to speaking with Dr. Jim every month. I highly recommend Dr. Jim Wendling."
Ron Hickey, Vice President Retrofit at EMCOR Mesa Energy Systems
"Jim is the real deal. Period! The only question is whether you're ready for the real deal."
John Valenty, CEO at Earnware Corporation and Owner, Earnware Corporation
"Dr. Jim Wendling has been very instrumental in improving the relationships and communication in our working environment. Dr. Wendling has shown us our strengths' and areas to improve with personal profiles, and in-depth analysis of our working personalities and interface techniques. Dr. Wendling continues to be a mentor and provides continuing support. I would highly recommend Dr. Wendling as a consultant in any business environment."
Glenda Rasmussen, Manager Scheduling/Quality at ProCal, Inc.
"Dr. Wendling has amazing insight with exceptional experience advising companies needing to make positive changes in their over all climate. He is an expert at strategic planning, goal setting and profitability. He would be an asset to any company or business."
Laurie Bagley, Owner, Life Journeys
"As an Organizational Development Practitioner to Mesa Energy Systems, Dr. Jim has led our team on five strategic fronts.
1. Team development. He continues to keep leaders focused on key company values and opportunities and the need for improvement. He focuses on the development of trust as the critical factor in changing the business culture.
2. Corporate change. He guides Mesa to make the necessary choices for change on the basis of mutual needs and goals.
3. Strategy development. His influence is helping Mesa to develop a culture that affects strategy formulation and implementation as well as Mesa's ability to achieve a high level of corporate excellence.
4. Management development. He provides the management team with the tools and confidence to make tough decisions. He will push Mesa managers to recognize when the company is headed in the wrong direction and how to get it back on the right track.
5. Employee (career) development. He provides an array of personal development diagnostic tools that meet not only organizational needs but career life planning goals as well."
Kurt Watson, Safety Manager at EMCOR Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.
"Jim Wendling has a natural ability to ferret out specific skills and characteristics to create the sought after "right person, right job" outcome. His professional history allows him to get on task quickly, decide what tools to use and effect the desired outcome. It pleases me to recommend Jim on a professional basis...but I enjoy recommending Jim on a personal basis as well."
Susie Fulton, Owner, Money Moxie for Women & HAZ MAT COMPLIANCE
"Jim is an excellent coach. He listens, clarifies, helps me set goals, and keeps me accountable. Most important to me is how he helps me frame situations, and think through my scripting of important meetings. He is excellent at helping one create a vision and mission, then working with you to set short term goals to bring them into reality. I highly recommend him."
Steven Grager, President and CEO at Capital Advisers
"Jim has helped us deal effectively with high level personnel issues. In one case we had an exec that was probably on the verge of a total breakdown and we didn't realize it. Jim helped save the day. We also had a high level exec that was not cutting it but personal loyalty was hindering our response. Jim helped us realize that we had to let this guy go for his own good and the good of the company."
David Eppes, Financial Services Consultant and Contractor
"Dr. Jim facilitated my department's first Employee Retreat under my leadership; and in doing so, inspired and motivated the Team to new levels of productivity, creativity, and drive. This is significant because I walked into a department that was wounded, demoralized, and undervalued. His presentation was 'life giving' and substantiated by qualitative research and practical application. The insight Dr. Jim brought in his facilitation was the platform that has resulted in continued solidarity and ownership in business practices. We walked away realizing that 'no one goes it alone' and that our individual strengths were integral to the success of our corporate mission."
El pagnier Hudson, Director, Human Resources at Florida Atlantic University
"Jim does not suffer fools. If he decides to take you on as his client, you can expect him to be direct with you. He gives you his fair, but honest assessment of what is working well for you and what needs improvement in both your professional and sometimes, personal life. Jim uses good technical tools including personality identification and development aids. His comprehensive approach helps you self discover what changes, if any, you need to make to become more effective in all areas of your life. CAUTION! Jim is not a "Yes" man. Do not engage him if you don't want to learn the truth about yourself and your business. But he is you man if you seek the truth about both!"
William H Tate, Owner, Keystone Consultants, LLC
"Are you an HR Manager, HR Director, or HR VP facing a problem? Is there anyone you can talk with when faced with a down-sizing? A difficult termination? An HR issue your CEO doesn't agree with you on? A business decision being made that you know isn't legal? Who do you go to just to vent, knowing you can trust the other person, and have confidence that they will advise you appropriately? Your spouse? Most don't want you to discuss anything about your job while at home. HR Managers don't have anyone to turn to at times like these, so loss of sleep, stress, maybe even eventual health problems are certain. HR Managers are not robots; we learn to leave as much as we can at work when we go home at night, but we are human beings dealing with decisions that are often negatively going to affect another person's life. The difficult decisions and actions we deal with can't just be flung off like our shoes when we walk into our homes after work. When my company hired Jim Wendling to consult with our management team, I was given the best gift any HR Manager could ever receive - someone to listen to my human capital issues; someone who knew what it was like to walk in my shoes, understanding the pain of taking away someone's livelihood, changing their family's financial security, devastating a person's morale and self-worth; someone who was wise, experienced, candid and caring. This recommendation isn't 'brief' but I must make it clear - Dr. Jim was a God send for me under these circumstances and I hope all HR Managers will seek his guidance. It may just save your sanity, if not your life."
Linda Shaver, Human Resources Professional, ABM
"Over the past 16 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wendling on several diverse projects. Working with Dr. Wendling is a unique experience in terms of his ability to accurately assess issues critical to success of not only firms, but also individuals. He is extremely calm, steadfast in times of crisis, always maintaining a high degree of professionalism, articulate, and presents solutions, not excuses. He is dedicated in identifying causes of problems and does not offer up solutions that take a band-aid approach. He is honest in terms of stating up front as to whether he can be of service to individuals and firms, assumes full accountability and responsibility for all of his actions and decisions. Any individual or firm that is truly searching for answers to eliminate problems/issues will only benefit from Dr. Wendling's uncanny ability to not only correctly evaluate issues, but will also provide workable solutions while maintaining the highest level of integrity and confidentiality."
Patricia Higgins, MBA, Aerojet Corporation