Internet Delivered Products

The Wendling Group's psychological assessment strategy is the Internet Delivery Service™, or IDS™. Clients can easily and efficiently administer Internet-based assessment and receive immediate results on a 24/7 basis worldwide and in 8 different languages.

1. TTI Success Insights™ Collection
The TTI Success Insights™ collection of reports is based on TTI's Style Insights™ (DISC) and Motivation Insights™ (PIAV) instruments, and is available ONLY on The Wendling Groups Internet Delivery Service™. These instruments produce the most highly validated DISC and PIAV reports in the marketplace because they are based on current and ongoing predictive validity studies.

The reports within the TTI Success Insights™ Collection are specifically designed for a number of applications:

  • Management-Staff™ Version
  • Personal Insights, Attitudes and Values™ Version
  • Executive
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Time PLUS
  • Customer Service
  • Interviewing Insights - General Version
  • Interviewing Insights - Sales Version
  • Communicating with Style
  • Sales Strategy Index™
  • Work Environment
  • Family Relationships - Adult
  • Family Relationships - Young Adult
  • Relationship Insights™
  • Career Planning Insights Other reports:
  • Workplace Motivators™
  • Job Insights™
  • Talent Insights™
2. TriMetrix™ System for Candidate Selection & Job Matching to Personal Talent
The TriMetrix™ System presents a variety of integrated reports that enables a client to:
  • Match multiple candidates to job benchmarks for selection and/or personal development The TriMetrix™ System is augmented by a wide variety of RxCDs that contain self-study courses as personal development resources. Reports available in the TriMetrix™ System include:
  • TriMetrix™ Job Report
  • TriMetrix™ Job Plus Report
  • TriMetrix™ Personal Talent Skills Inventory Report
  • TriMetrix™ Personal Talent Skills Inventory Plus Report
  • TriMetrix™ Multiple Respondent Job Plus Report
  • TriMetrix™ Job Plus/Talent Comparison Report
3. Personal Talent Skills Inventory™

Unique to the Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ is its ability to assess an individual's cognitive structure (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them) based on their responses to the Hartman Value Profile instrument. The result is a highly accurate ranking of personal SKILLS describing individual potential for workplace performance.

The Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ is highly effective in coaching, mentoring and personal development. All Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ reports are available exclusively on The Wendling Groups Internet Delivery Service™.

  • Healthcare Version
  • Emotional Intelligence Version
  • General Employment Version
  • Leadership/Management Version
  • Sales Management Version
  • Sales Version
  • Customer Service Version
4. Interactive Insights™
Today's highly effective employees are those who understand how to work with an ever-changing base of knowledge and information. However, the enormous effort needed to define and manage a talent inventory with personalized development plans often prevents organizations from moving forward. TTI's Interactive Insights™ process gives organizations capability to inventory employee talents and automatically create personalized development plans that capitalize on unique individual strengths.

Interactive Insights™ includes the following reports:
  • Success Version
  • Sales Version
  • Relationship Version
  • Team Building Version
  • Motivation Version
For more information, sample reports or a complimentary personalized assessment, e-mail: or telephone 916.965.4933