The Success Discovery Process
"To understand our relationships with others we must first understand ourselves."
—Bill J. Bonnstetter CPBA, CPVA
Achievers throughout history have had one thing in common—they know themselves. Achievers don't underestimate what they can do. They don't sell themselves short. They know their own limitations and, by realizing their weaknesses, are able to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and take full advantage of their strengths.

"Time with the 'boss' for team members is the important catalyst to other cultural transformation efforts and the Success Discover Process provides the avenue."

"When people ask about why I have been able to develop into a successful coach, I credit the Success Discovery Process as a great relationship building tool."

"The Success Process identified a blind spot that kept me from getting the promotion I wanted with my first employer."

"The process allowed me to learn more about one of my employees in 15 minutes than the previous 5 years."

"The Success Discovery Process changed my life. I now can express myself to others in such a way that they see my value to the organization."

"Managing people should not be left up to trial and error. This process puts all the issues on the table and eliminates mismanagement of my people."

"My life would be totally different if I would have had this information available to me in my 20's."

"Sharing my report with my mother rebuilt a relationship that had been very difficult, at best, for years."
Your journey to success will begin when you begin to read and edit your Success Insights Report to discover the real you. Your TTI Success Insights Report is the first step in gaining the insights you need to attain success in any environment. TheTTI Success Insights Report is time-tested, proven, and will reveal information you need to be successful.

Follow these simple steps:
Step 1 - Self-Assessment  
Step 2 - Self Discovery Process  
  A. Highlighting your talents Click here to get started
  B. Discovering your passions
  C. Prioritize your wants
  D. Sharing
Step 3 - Committing to Succeed  
It is a human tendency for others to want to share with you what they think you should change in your life. It's also a human tendency for you to reject these opinions. Your opinions about yourself are what counts.

Assessments can reveal your likes and dislikes. Assessments allow you to acknowledge and articulate what is true about yourself and share it in such a way that you can start getting out of life what you deserve.
  1. This process will confirm what you already know about yourself that could help or hinder your professional success.
  2. This process will reveal some things about yourself that help or hinder your professional success.
  3. This process will help you make the most of your strengths professionally.
All people have hidden talents, however, the perceptions of others may keep us from knowing what they are. For example, a person who has a sense of urgency and likes to do things quickly can be perceived by others as a troublemaker in some environments. In the correct environment, this would be an asset.

Many people have self-limiting beliefs that keep them from acknowledging their talent. Why? Because our friends, teachers, parents, spouses, or managers may have told us something that triggered self doubt. Eliminating self-limiting beliefs can permanently change a person's life, literally over night. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a person who truly believes in themselves and their abilities.